At Iowa State, the Principles of Community are everywhere. They show up in job advertisements, remarks by senior leaders, course syllabi, video and website content, and orientations for students and employees alike.

Developed through a Student Government-led effort that began in 2005, the Principles of Community are the foundation for cultivating a welcoming and inclusive environment at Iowa State University. They are powerful in large part because they use casual language and express straightforward concepts. That simplicity makes the principles more useful. They can be noticed, recalled and referenced in helpful moments instead of being buried in a planning document or mission statement.

Summary of the six principles

  • Respect

    Consideration goes both ways.

  • Purpose

    You are at Iowa State University for a reason.

  • Cooperation

    Teamwork makes the dream work.

  • Richness of Diversity

    No two people at Iowa State University are the same -- and that is a good thing.

  • Freedom from Discrimination

    Biases. We all have them. Challenge them.

  • Honest and Respectful Expression of Ideas

    Don't just tolerate others' perspectives. Hear them.